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Last updated November 25, 2021

Digital Marketing & Branding (DMB1)

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Digital Marketing & Branding (DMB1)



Digital Marketing & Branding (DMB1) – Tuesday & Wednesday 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.

First Class August 3rd, 2021


To any budding or successful entrepreneur, reaching the right market is one of the vital keys for operating a business and thus picking the right marketing strategy is an important demand on every entrepreneur’s mind. Today, the use of a computer and the Internet is normal in any business environment and offers entrepreneurs the capacity to integrate Digital Marketing as an essential ingredient which can determine how successful the business can become. Along with traditional marketing tools, Digital Marketing can play an important role in shaping and sustaining the future of your business. 

This course is an introductory level into Basic Digital Marketing and focuses on giving a broad overview toward understanding and promoting a foundational knowledge for small and micro – entrepreneurs into the role and benefits for using digital marketing strategies to propel and sustain business activities. 


Digital marketing interacts with nearly every touch point in our daily use of the internet via computer and related smart technology and media devices. Over the 20-week period, Participants will be exposed to, both the theory and practice of Digital Marketing – what it entails; its importance and benefits over and along traditional marketing. Using reputable sources, participants can see how the right digital strategy can propel even a small business in its inception stage from an idea to a success and ultimately be able to create their own digital marketing plan.


At the end of this course, students should be able to: 

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of Digital Marketing and its implications
  • Understand how social media factors into your digital marketing plan
  • Understand how to properly represent your brand and products in a digital space
  • Understand digital content creation and make it applicable to your business goals
  • Create an ideal digital marketing strategy and plan 

Entry Requirements  

Individuals interested in participating must be fifteen (15) years and over and possess:

  1. Two (2) valid forms of picture Identification (Identification Card / Passport / Driver’s Permit)
  2. A digital device and internet access for virtual learning.
  3. Candidates for this course should have a general understanding of marketing as well as basic computer literacy skill, particularly, Microsoft Office Suite.

 Course Structure 

 Course CodesCourse Titles
Level IBasic  Digital Marketing

Course Modules

  • Module 1:   Orientation – General Introduction to the Understanding the    components and Techniques of Content/ Digital Marketing – Traditional vs Digital; Success and Failures.
  • Module 2:   Review and Q & A;  Discussion –  Developing a Business Model for online Marketing; Search Engine Optimization and Role of creating a Digital Brand Identity; Search Engine Marketing.
  • Module 3:   Review and Q & A; Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising – using Facebook, Twitter Instagram.
  • Module 4:   Integrated Digital Marketing and Brand Advertising YouTube and Tik-Tok, Review and Q & A Class discussions/review on key previous weeks’ learnings.
  • Module 5:   Digital Marketing and Brand Advertising; Marketing Campaign and Engagement.
  • Module 6:   Engagement and Targeting Audiences; Content Creation #1.
  • Module 7:   Review and Q & A; Class discussions; Content Creation #2 and #3 FINAL ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT
  • Module 8:   Content Creation #3 Goal Setting and Planning Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Maintaining Online Customer Service and Online Collaboration.
  • Module 9:   Small Entrepreneur Development
    • Financial Management of Small Business
    • How to Operate a Small Business 
  • Module 10:  Creating your Digital Marketing Strategy; Analytic – Evolving your Digital identity:  

FINAL ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT – Completion and Submission of the Final Assessment Project will credit participants with a Certification of Completion in Digital Marketing Level 1

N.B Each Module consists of two (2) sessions at 2 hrs. each

Course Cost

Tuition is free of charge, but trainees are required to provide their own training materials and equipment.


Assessment Structure  

A model of continuous in-course assessment coupled with a final assessment project is proposed for this course. Trainees will be assessed at different intervals over the training period as continuous assessment is focused on reducing anxiety with respect to the finality of testing. This assessment method, therefore, enhances learning since trainees will be able to remediate weaknesses before each module ends.


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